for  management  
 Beauty business 
/ Online booking
/ Return lost customers
/ Analytics income and expenses, P&L
/ Accounting warehouse, sales and consumables

Meet with  Five 
key opportunities


See how many customers
Encharged on  Future dates 

In the calendar, you immediately see if the employees have free time, or they are already with their heads in work. Bookings in the calendar are not lost, and you analyze whether time has come to expand the team.

Report on bookings

Evaluate the workload
staffers and profit  per month 

In the online mode, you are viewing what profit staffers generate daily. How many customers came for the first time. You see data for a month, as well as build flexible reports for your own business tasks.

Accounts and P&L

Analyze  income and expenses 

Easily view the report in the dynamics of the year. Track the fall or growth of business. In time you reduce expenses. Decide on investments and opening new branches.

Online booking

Do not booking each client
manually, let  Record 
themselves in a chatbot or on the site.

With Integrica you automatically get a chatbot. Records from it are synchronized with the calendar, and you will easily follow the daily schedule.

Client base

Store the story of each
client and use
 General database for mailing 

With Integrica, you remember everything about your customers: what staffers they go to, how much they usually spend when in Who is the birthday. Total knowledge from the database can be used for a useful targeted SMS link.

Other opportunities

  • VoIP Ringostat
  • Prepayment on the booking
  • Online payment of bookings, subscriptions and certificates
  • Promotions, subscriptions, certificates and discounts to customers
  • Notification of customers and employees for SMS and Telegram
  • Client card with the history of purchases and visits
  • List of waiting
  • Black list of customers
  • Marketing mailings
  • Application for employees
  • Accounts and financial operations
  • Salary accrual module
  • Report on customer retention, workload of staffers and customer database
  • Equipment
  • Warehouse, inventory of residues, commodity overhead and warehouse operations

What do users think?

 The numbers say for themselves: 

  • businesses

    Now they use

  • masters

    Enter the
    program at least once a day

  • clients

    Every day they are recorded on
    Services through "Integrika"

  • sms

    Clients received about the booking

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-15% When paying for subscriptions for a year
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other services

💌 SMS notifications setup for your clients

You don't need to spend time configuring macros, creating message templates, and testing them.
We will register your SMS sender name and set up notifications for clients and employees, which will increase your income and enhance customer loyalty.

📲 Data import of clients, services, and goods

"Why spend a whole week figuring out how to add goods and services and import your client base? Our specialists will import your data within one working day. Leave the routine to us - so you can use this time more efficiently or just have a rest:)"

🪄 Full account setup

For those dreaming of simply entering a login and password to access a fully customized CRM tailored to their business 😎

👩‍💼 Administrators' training

Administrators' training

✅ Account checkup

Our expert will review your account and provide practical optimization recommendations.

👩‍🔧 Improved support
🤖 Development of Telegram Bota

Clients will be able to themselves:
- Sign up for your services, buy a subscription or certificate
- see the history of past and future visits
- Go to your site, social networks and write to the administrator

Download Presentation
👨‍💻 Refinement of the program

We implement reports, additional functions, advanced employee access rights and anything else, according to your requirements.